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2004年10月14日再放送 NHK TOP RUNNER
KURIYAMA Chiaki - From Otaku To Maniac

2nd:MINE Fujiko@Lupin The 3rd
3rd:Benten@Urusei Yatsura
4th:Mokuren@Please Save My Earth
5th:HOSHINO Ruri@Martian Successor Nadesico


"I love Rei the most."


"This figure is my personal collection."


"..." (m.c. found no words)


"I'm watching almost all anime onaired. I am OTAKU,I liked also radio actresses,but now I want to be a MANIAC and watch anime more generally. Not only boy's comics,but also girls'."


m.c. TAKEDA,astonished for fear.


("What about boys who like reading manga at manga cafe?") "They smell like me."